Playdead Press and its partner Playdead.Famous Productions have constantly used projects undertaken as a way of promoting and raising awareness of issues young people constantly face under the pressures of today's society.

The original production of Death to the Left, Life to the Right raised £1000 for a charity connected to OCD (a cause very close to heart of both Playdead Press and Playdead.Famous) and was very successful in raising awareness of mental health in young people, promoting the cause in the newspaper, on the radio and on television.

The sale of the book of With Or Without You also meant a donation to 56@45, a charity project that meant the building of a school in Cambodia.

In 2012 Playdead.Famous Productions took a double bill of two new short plays on a tour around the UK including a run in London to promote the Time-To-Change campaign and ending mental health discrimination in education and the workplace. Please visit for more details.

Playdead Press is also looking to publish work connected with mental health and raising awareness and if you feel you have something to contribute please get in touch with us.

The idea of raising awareness of mental health in young people remains something that Playdead Press and Playdead.Famous shall always work hard to promote and whenever possible, a donation of our profits shall be given to a relevant charity. Certain causes and charitable projects focus on a marginalised part of society however mental health and well being is something that affects everybody in some form or another. We do not promote the idea of saying one person's problems are worse than another and feel that serious issues that harm the well being of many young people go unnoticed because they are not considered important enough or has an unnecessary stigma surrounding it. We want to banish the taboo around mental health. it is very hard to diagnose the severity of a person's problem if they are unable to talk about it comfortably and we consider this a huge flaw in a society that promotes such equality.

We hope you agree with some of our beliefs and will support any of our charitable endeavours.