NEW TITLE - Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

Written and performed by Anna Krauze.

If you ever thought you may have "daddy issues" or know someone who does, this show is for you. *

Natalia, a Polish immigrant, wants to succeed as a painter (she mainly paints vulvas, but is happy to get commissioned for a d*ck or two), but instead, she’s a phone sex worker (“what is that, Mr Vasiliev? You would f*ck your daughter if she would allow it?”) receiving calls from older men seeking a “young girlfriend experience”. Oh, and she has her own daddy troubles.

Daddy Issues, created by the Passing Stranger Theatre Company is a fast-paced dark comedy about childhood trauma, sex work, bedroom fantasies, imperfect feminism, immigration and life of an artist.

"Sticks two fingers up at the patriarchy." Everything Theatre

"Krauze is a confident and accomplished performer."

"Phenomenal storytelling. Definitely has the potential to be a show talked about for years to come." Theatre503

The writer Anna Krauze, who also plays the role, is excellent. She’s completely confident and unabashed.London Pub Theatres Awards Nomination 2021

"Krauze has written a very deep and complicated character. Under the direction of Carol Tarran she’s put together a really good, energetic and absorbing story. It left me satisfied and wanting more."