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by Nick Lane 

Jim has been married to Lucy for forty-one years, and his life is one of routines. Same trips to the same shops to buy the same stuff… and every day a new annoyance, a new exasperation. Lucy has her routines too, but they don’t involve going out. She’s agoraphobic, and doesn’t tend to get many visitors. The pair of them are struggling under the weight of an unspoken event from their past, with no sign of any change. When Ash, a desperate local youth, breaks into the house one night and is overpowered by Jim, the frustrated pensioner – to his wife’s horror – decides to teach the lad a lesson, revealing long-hidden sides to all three of them…

A dark comedy about the differences – and similarities – between the generations, from the writer of My Favourite Summer and Me & Me Dad.

“A writer who knows what he's doing.” Lynn Gardener, The Guardian

“...revelations that have you shifting your prejudices in the manner of Oleanna or Blackbird.” York Press

Critically acclaimed writer Nick Lane has been cited as one of the best writers to hail from north of the Watford gap and this play shows his versatility as a writer.  Housebound is at times funny and touching and other times shocking and controversial.   The play has seen a number of productions and was most recently taken on a national 3 month tour that finished Dec 2011.

Housebound will be available from 22/02/12 for £8.50.  Please contact us to pre-order your copy now.

My Favourite Summer

by Nick Lane

Dave is a sensitive twenty-three year old post graduate with a ten-year long crush on his housemate Sarah. When she announces that she is going to do a PhD in New York, Dave realises he must tell her how he feels or lose her forever. Unable to just come out with it, he hits upon the scheme of paying for a 'surprise holiday' for Sarah, and declaring his love in a more romantic setting. In order to raise the money for this high-stakes gamble he takes a summer job in a scaffolding warehouse, where he meets Melvin, an unreconstructed lunatic of a man. The initial culture-clash is only the start of Dave's troubles, however, for once Melvin gets wind of his plans, he takes it upon himself to educate the young lad in the ways of the world. . .

A comedy for everyone who's ever been in love and lived to tell the tale., from the writer of Housebound and Me & Me Dad.

"Blissfully funny" Daily Telegraph.
**** – The Times

Another funny and touching piece of work by Nick Lane that is proof to the acclaim he has received.

My Favourite  Summer will be on tour throughout February and March 2012.

My Favourite Summer will be available from 22/02/12 for £8.99.  Please contact us to pre-order your copy now.